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Things to do in Smithfield, RI

Every season brings a new reason to visit Providence. People travel from all over the country to attend the region’s festivals, music concerts and annual celebrations.

Whether you want to see the latest independent films at The Rhode Island International Film Festival or admire yachts at the Providence Boat Show, our affordable Smithfield hotel is just minutes away from the best events in Rhode Island.

View the event calendars for the Rhode Island Convention Center, Dunkin Donuts Center and Twin River Casino to see what’s happening during your visit. A list of annual festivities is also available on the Visitors Bureau website.

Green Program

An Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient Hotel

At All Seasons Inn & Suites Providence Smithfield, we care deeply about the environment. Hotel management is always looking for new ways to conserve energy and reduce waste, including the possibility of solar and wind projects going forward.

We are currently working with Rise Engineering to reduce our carbon footprint. We welcome feedback from our guests and employees – so if you see room for improvement, please let us know.

The Green Program of All Seasons Inn and Suites looks at nine major areas of sustainable hotel operations:

Energy Conservation

We have replaced all parking area lights with energy-efficient LEDs. We are currently in the process of replacing our older heating and cooling units with energy-efficient LG Heat Pumps. So far, 100 units have been replaced. All of the hotel’s interior light bulbs have been switched over to energy-efficient LEDs (85%) and CFLs (15%).

More than half of our hot water heaters are high-efficiency or tank-less. All LCD TVs are Energy Star rated. Lights in low traffic areas like public restrooms and housekeeping / maintenance closets are controlled by motion sensors.

It can be a fine line balancing energy efficiency and guest comfort. If you feel that any of our green initiatives are causing you discomfort, we will be happy to correct the problem. We will never sacrifice your comfort to save energy.

Water Conservation

We recommend that guests reuse their linens, and we only run full loads of laundry to save water and energy. We have installed low-flow aerators and Energy Star showerheads, which give higher-pressure showers and use less water. The hotel only runs sprinklers during the hottest months, and we use grass clippings and crushed leaves as mulch on our grounds. We have also planted trees in our parking lot and throughout the property.

Solid Waste Management

Whenever possible, we bring old newspapers to local kennels and other agencies that will reuse them. We have paperless check-in, and we email all receipts, confirmations and invoices to minimize paper waste. When we must print documents, we always utilize both sides of pages.

Hazardous Waste Management

Used batteries, CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes are collected and returned for recycling.

Indoor Air Quality

We clean air filters and circulate fresh air throughout the property as often as possible. The hotel uses water-based cleaners and air fresheners.

Community Outreach

The hotel works with the local energy company and Rise Engineering to improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We frequently share our successes with other businesses to encourage them to implement their own eco-friendly programs.

Building Infrastructure

All hotel renovations prioritize energy-efficiency and waste reduction.

Land Use

We use grass clippings and tree waste to combat weeds and erosion. The slopes on our grounds are also covered with stones to control dust, erosion, water filtration and runoff. Sprinklers are used in conjunction with weather sensors.